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Well, that familiar scent of spring is in the air and I can’t help but think about Kirsten Dunst in the movie “Marie Antoinette.” All of those cakes and candies displayed in such beautiful pastel palettes… simply breathtaking.

Every year around this time the cosmetic counters are stocked with the latest trends from the runway… And I don’t know about you but I am seeing a lot of pastels!Pastel image

Some popular colors I have seen lately are pinks in pale coral and bubblegum purples and lilac and pewter, and grays in stone and Heather.

Pulling off any trend in your make up routine can be tricky at times. However, pastels work on many different complexions and skin types – the key is getting the color combinations right.

– Start out with a matte pink shadow in a pale shade brushed over the eye right before your brow bone. Then line your eyes with a smoky gray pencil and smudge the pencil so that there are no harsh lines. Finish the look with a great black mascara.

– To achieve a luminous look on your cheeks go for a slightly rosy pink and dab a little bit of highlighter right on the tops of your cheekbones.

– For lips I would stick to a plum toned pink gloss.

Hoping to bring this new trend to the office and then glam it up for happy hour? Stay with the above tips but try going a little deeper in color on the lips or instead of a charcoal gray liner, go with a black pencil liner and wing it out at the edge of the eye for a cat Sophia Loren effect.

Concerned about where to start first? Here are some ways to incorporate pastels in your beauty routine;

Eyes: Go with a simple dusty lilac or Pearly pink, always finish the look with a black mascara to avoid looking washed out.

Cheeks: A pink toned violet looks beautiful with a similar lip shade. For the eyes a few strokes of mascara will complete this look and keep it very fresh and young.

Lips: I think that lips are a perfect way to bring the pastel trying to life. Matte lipsticks in salmon and rosy pink are very flattering. If you are in the mood to be Darring go with a light purple gloss. Keep in mind that when you are trying to pull off a bold lip or a trendy color everything else on the face should be simple. Not to say that other areas like cheeks and eyes should be ignored, just not overdone.


Nails: If you’re not quite ready to make the jump into pastel make up, nails are you perfect way to start! Think, cotton candy pink, mint green, baby blue and creamy yellow. Try a French manicure with a mint green as your base color and a pale pink on the tips.

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