The “Under-Done Face”

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The “Under-Done Face”


“Whenever I do makeup, I like doing makeup that makes someone look pretty. Even as a freelance makeup artist when I started in the 80s, when it was, you know, pale skin and sculpted faces, I always made someone look healthy and fresh.”

-Bobbi Brown

Over the years I have related to this philosophy more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I love a high end super glam look every once and awhile. But I believe that true art comes in to play when a makeup artist has the ability to make you look like the best version of yourself.

Nothing is more attractive than a woman whose features are accentuated in the right way. Sure a bold lip or dark eye is sexy, daring, and most certainly trendy. However there is something unique and even rare these days when you see an “under-done face”. (That may be a new beauty word & I’ll claim it if so)!

What do I mean by an “under-done face”? I mean simple and clean.

-Smooth even foundation

-slightly sculpted cheek bones

-flesh toned lips & cheeks

-and the blackest mascara you can find!

Why? Because this look stands out. By no means is this “minimal makeup”. It’s what I like to call, smart, notice me, young, makeup. By putting a little more effort into bringing out your best features yet not piling on layers of foundation, blush, bronzer….shall I go on? You can have an everyday beauty routine that is simple & striking all at once.

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