Rain Rain Go Away, How to make that Makeup Stay!

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Is it just me or is anyone else over the rainy season? I live in Florida and
right now there are downpours every day! Meaning that if you are even trying to
look somewhat presentable chances are your make up is a blur by the end of the

Lately I have been doing some experimenting… so read on for some awesome tips
on how to still look attractive & fresh in a rainstorm!

In the same way one might prepare themselves with a raincoat, or rain boots –
think waterproof makeup.

– Start with a silicone based primer because silicone will resist water.

– Same applies with a foundation or tinted moisturizer. However if you want more
coverage you can apply a matte, long wearing foundation. That should put up a
good fight against the rain from pulling your foundation down or breaking it

– lf you read my blogs you will know that I am a lover of mascara. I rarely
suggest recommendations but Loreal makes a fantastic, do not move, crying it
out, waterproof mascara. Voluminous in carbon black waterproof is the way to go
if you must wear mascara on a rainy day. If not, take those contacts out and put
on your favorite pair of glasses!monsoon-skin-care

-There are long wearing blushes on the market so make sure to steer clear of
anything with a cream formula. However a tinted blush in a stain formula would
work perfectly on a dreary day.

-Lipstick or lip balm. Not gloss or your hair will be swiping it all over your
face in the event of a hellish storm!

So put on those rain boots… And your face! : )

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