Jai Gallery Fashion Lounge 8/15/2013

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Last Thursdays Jai Gallery Fashion Lounge event was an honor to be apart of.

If Andy Warhol were alive today I believe he would have attended! I think I can testify, after all I have all of his legendary Campbell’s soup can magnets and Marilyn Monroe’s on my refrigerator… A little obsessed?

At the gallery, pop art and pin up was popping up everywhere. Wow! That was a tounge twister.

I am a make up artist so working for TallyreNee’s Fashion line was like being in a candy store filled with swirled lollipops.

Sharp jabs of hot pink, lime green, and highlighter yellow looked like they were painted on the models. Polka dots and stripes added that extra touch of flair. And it worked.

Now to my favorite part. Make up. Myself and Valentina Costa were chosen to do make up for this exciting event, and exciting it was.

In the same way a fashion designer Shows their clothes in groups, Valentina and I did the same with the make up.

Some of the models were adorned with glitter in the center of their eyelids and some were given a sharp cat eye in lime green and purple.

Cheekbones were sculpted and given just the right pop of color – pinks of all kinds.

Lips were a sort of focal point, but then again there was so much to focus on with the vibrant colors of clothing that we decided to go ahead and let loose with the lips as well. Hot pink and tangerine brought it all together.

This show was fantastic and so fun to work on. And in the words of Andy Warhol…

“Art is what you can get away with.”564336_10201539778643694_659855464_n

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